Discover the Benefits of Methylation Testing Near You

Understanding your genetic health can significantly impact your well-being. Methylation testing is a crucial tool in this process. If you're searching for "methylation test near me," Brisbane Livewell Clinic offers comprehensive testing and personalised care based on your specific and individual test results and Comprehensive Health Report.

Understanding Methylation and Its Importance

Methylation is a biochemical process that influences gene expression. Proper methylation is essential for various bodily functions, including DNA repair, detoxification, and regulation of stress.

What is a Methylation Test?

A methylation test near you analyses your DNA to identify methylation patterns. These patterns can indicate potential health risks and areas where your body may require additional support.

Why Consider a Methylation Test?

Methylation tests provide insights into your genetic predispositions, helping you make informed decisions about your health. They can guide personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans, enhancing overall well-being.

Finding a Methylation Test Near You

Locating a reputable provider for methylation testing is crucial. Brisbane Livewell Clinic offers high-quality testing services through myDNA and NutriPath, ensuring you receive accurate and reliable results.

Types of Methylation Tests Available

Different tests analyse various aspects of methylation. Brisbane Livewell Clinic uses MyDNA's Genetic DNA Test with Methylation, which covers extensive genetic markers for a comprehensive analysis.

Key Benefits of Methylation Testing

  • Personalised Health Insights: Our Naturopaths will tailor a Wellness Plan based on genetic predispositions.
  • Early Detection: Identify potential health risks before they become serious.
  • Optimised Well-Being: Improve areas such as digestion, energy, and stress management.

Methylation Test Near Me: What to Expect

When you choose Brisbane Livewell Clinic, you can expect a thorough process that includes an Initial Naturopath Consultation, genetic testing, and detailed result interpretation. Our Naturopaths will review your Comprehensive Health Report from myDNA before your consultation and will discuss the results and tell you what to expect.

Preparing for Your Methylation Test

Preparation involves a simple process of booking a consultation or a myDNA Test Package (with Methylation), receiving your test kit, and following instructions for sample collection (a simple saliva swab).

Brisbane Livewell Clinic: Your Local Option

Brisbane Livewell Clinic offers a holistic approach to health, combining advanced genetic testing with personalised care. Their experienced Naturopaths provide comprehensive support throughout the testing process and will work with you to interpret the test results for you then make recommendations based on the unique results contained in your Comprehensive Health Report.

Pricing for Methylation Tests at Brisbane Livewell Clinic

The cost of a methylation test package at Brisbane Livewell Clinic is AUD $756. This includes the Initial Naturopath Consultation, your DNA test kit, postage to your house, free postage back to NutriPath once you've taken your sample, and your myDNA Test Results Consultation once your DNA Test results have been returned.

Package Contents for the Methylation Test

The test covers 92 genes and 113 SNPs across various health categories, including digestion, energy, hormones, stress, cognitive performance, inflammation, athletic performance, DNA protection, and detoxification.

How the Testing Process Works

  1. Initial Consultation: Discuss your health history and goals with a Naturopath.
  2. Sample Collection: The test kit is posted to you; collect a saliva sample and send it back.
  3. Analysis: MyDNA processes your sample to identify methylation patterns.
  4. Results Consultation: Review your results with a Naturopath, who will develop a Wellness Plan for you.

Interpreting Your Methylation Test Results

Results provide detailed insights into your genetic health, helping identify strengths and areas for improvement. Our Naturopath will help you understand and act on these findings.

Consultation and Follow-Up Services

Our Naturopaths at Brisbane Livewell Clinic ensure you have ongoing support. Follow-up consultations help refine your Wellness Plan based on your test results and how your health is doing after your consultation.

Booking Your Methylation Test

Booking is easy. Book online or contact our friendly Reception staff on (07) 3861 5881 to schedule your Initial Naturopath Consultation.


Methylation testing is a powerful tool in managing genetic health. Brisbane Livewell Clinic offers local, comprehensive methylation tests that provide detailed insights and allow for personalised care with our tailored Wellness Plans. Take proactive steps towards your health by choosing Brisbane Livewell Clinic for your methylation testing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of a methylation test at Brisbane Livewell Clinic?

The cost of our DNA Genetic Testing Package is AUD $756, which includes an Initial Naturopath Consultation, DNA test kit, postage, Comprehensive Health Report from myDNA, Naturopath myDNA Test Results Consultation and a tailored Wellness Plan prepared in consultation with your Naturopath.

2. How long does it take to get results? 

Results of a DNA Genetic Test typically take 5-6 weeks to return from myDNA.

3. Is the testing process invasive?

The testing process for DNA Methylation involves a non-invasive saliva sample collection. It's quick and easy, and takes less than 5 minutes to do.

4. Can genetic methylation tests predict all health conditions?

While they provide valuable insights, genetic methylation tests do not predict all health conditions. They are a tool for assessing risk and guiding personalised health strategies. Most patients will need help from a Naturopath or other professional to interpret the test results.

5. What are the benefits of knowing my methylation status?

Understanding your methylation status can aid in early disease detection and better health management. With this information, your Naturopaths can prepare tailored Wellness Plans to help you improve your overall wellness into the future.

Last Updated on 14 July 2024 by Brisbane Livewell Clinic