The services offered through our website, via telephone or videoconference or at our Clinics are categorised as Allied Health, Natural Therapies and Alternative Medicine and are intended to complement, not replace, the seeking of personalised advice from qualified healthcare professionals.

At no time does Brisbane Livewell Clinic, its practitioners or staff advocate for or recommend the replacement of medical support with sole support by our practitioners. Patients are strongly encouraged to consult with qualified healthcare professionals to effectively address their unique health needs. Our services are not a substitute for professional medical guidance, diagnosis, or treatment. Any reliance on our services without consulting a healthcare professional is at your own risk. 

While we strive to provide valuable information and support on our website, and by telephone if you call our Clinics, it is crucial to understand that the information we may provide you is of a complementary and educational nature and does not take into account specific medical histories, conditions, or individual health circumstances. The information provided on this website or by telephone call should be considered part of a holistic approach to well-being, and we do not guarantee the content's accuracy, currency, or completeness. The content provided does not replace the need for professional or medical guidance.

Limitation of Liability - Medical

1. Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risk

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we disclaim any liability or responsibility for any loss incurred by you or any other individual. By accessing and using our website and services, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk.

2. No substitute

Individual health conditions vary, and the information provided on this website or during your consultation is of a general nature. It may not account for specific medical histories, medical conditions, or unique health circumstances. It is recommended that patients seek personalised advice from qualified healthcare professionals to address their individual health needs effectively.

This website's content or the services offered at our clinics are not a substitute for professional medical guidance, diagnosis, or treatment. Any reliance on the information presented here without consulting a healthcare professional is at the user's own risk. We strongly recommend obtaining personalised advice to ensure that health decisions align with individual circumstances and medical requirements.

3. Restrictions on Use

We request that you do not utilise our information for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease, for therapeutic purposes, or as a substitute for the advice of a health professional. We disclaim any liability for injury, cost, loss, or damage resulting from the use of information provided on our website or by our services.

4. Quality and Accuracy

We make every effort to provide quality information, but we do not guarantee its accuracy, currency, or completeness. We assume no liability or responsibility for the information's reliability. For advice relevant to your circumstances, consult a health professional.

5. No Outcome Guarantees

We cannot guarantee the outcomes of following our recommendations. Statements regarding potential outcomes are expressions of opinion only. Always consult with qualified health providers for inquiries related to medical conditions, treatments, stretches, or exercises.

6. Emergency Situations

In a medical emergency, contact your doctor or emergency services at 000. We neither recommend nor endorse specific tests, products, procedures, or treatments mentioned on the website, nor do we recommend that you use our services rather than seeking medical advice. Reliance on the information provided is at your own risk.

7. Proper Product Use

All products should be used only as intended, exercising care and common sense. To the extent permitted by law, we disclaim any liability for damage, loss, or injury resulting from the use or misuse of products we may sell. By purchasing any products off us, you acknowledge that we are not the manufacturer of the products and make no warranty about the effectiveness, safety, safe manufacture, ingredients or otherwise in relation to the products.

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