At Brisbane Livewell Clinic, our Accredited Practising Dietitian, Cherry Lam, is dedicated to providing you with personalised and effective nutritional guidance, tailored to your unique health journey.

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Our Expertise and Approach at Brisbane Livewell Clinic

At Brisbane Livewell Clinic, our team of dedicated dieticians and nutrition experts is committed to delivering evidence-based, personalised nutrition advice and support. Leveraging the latest research and methodologies, we provide effective solutions tailored to meet a wide array of dietary needs. From managing the complexities of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) to identifying specific food sensitivities and optimizing overall nutritional intake, our Brisbane-based clinic is equipped to guide you towards achieving your health and wellness goals.

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1. Evidence-Based Nutrition Strategies

Our practice at Brisbane Livewell Clinic is firmly rooted in the latest, scientifically backed nutritional research. This commitment to evidence-based nutrition allows us to offer cutting-edge diagnostic techniques and customised dietary plans aimed at addressing various health conditions.

Whether you're dealing with IBS management challenges, seeking clarity on food sensitivities, or aiming to enhance your nutritional well-being, our team provides the expertise and support necessary for your journey.

By continuously updating our knowledge with the most current nutritional science, we ensure our recommendations are not only effective but also safe and specifically tailored to your individual needs.

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2. Sustainable Weight Management Programs

Understanding the intricate journey of weight management, Brisbane Livewell Clinic advocates for sustainable, health-focused strategies over short-term, restrictive dieting. Our approach is designed to harmoniously integrate into your lifestyle, promoting nutritional choices that nourish your body while supporting your weight management objectives.

We collaborate with you to craft a personalised plan that encompasses balanced meal planning, mindful eating practices, and actionable strategies for overcoming obstacles. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for maintaining a healthy weight, ensuring you can enjoy a fulfilling life without compromising on the pleasure of eating or your overall well-being.

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3. Building a Healthy Relationship with Food

At Brisbane Livewell Clinic, we recognise the importance of the psychological aspect of eating and its impact on overall health. We are dedicated to fostering a positive, balanced approach to food, believing it to be essential for both physical and mental well-being.

Our initiatives are designed to assist you in developing a healthier relationship with food, supporting you through individual counselling, group workshops, and continuous encouragement. We guide you through addressing food-related anxieties, breaking free from emotional eating, and adopting mindful eating habits.

Our goal is to help you rediscover the joy in nourishment and establish a harmonious balance that promotes health and happiness.

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We are here to support your path to better health, offering personalised care that aligns with your unique health needs and goals.

Our Dietician Brisbane's Special Interests

As an Accredited Dietician, Cherry Lam has a number of particular interests in treating her patients. These include:

  1. Living with Coeliac Disease
  2. Plant-Based Nutrition (including vegan, vegetarian etc)
  3. Healthy Weight Loss
  4. Healthy Weight Gain
  5. Intuitive Eating
  6. Improving your Relationship with Food
  7. Chronic Disease Management (including high blood pressure and high cholesterol).

Understanding your story

Our Dietician understands that each individual's path to health is unique, and that you come to see her already living your own story. She is committed to listening to your story, considering your medical history, social situation, past dieting experiences, and regular dietary habits.

This comprehensive approach ensures that our dietary suggestions and meal plans are personalised and manageable, promoting sustainable health habits.

Our Services

1. Personalised Nutritional Assessments

Each patient receives a thorough dietary assessment, leading to recommendations (which may include a customised meal plan) that align with their health goals and lifestyle.

Dietician Brisbane
Dietician Brisbane

2. Virtual and In-Clinic Consultations

Flexibility to choose between in-clinic or virtual consultations, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

3. Specialised Nutritional Support

Our Dietician has expertise in a range of nutritional areas, from managing chronic diseases to optimising sports nutrition.

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Multicultural, Inclusive and Supportive Environment

Brisbane Livewell Clinic is an LGBTQIA+ friendly space, and we welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those on the spectrum. Cherry has a large number of LGBTQIA+ patients and loves working with her patients to help them feel more at ease with themselves and their weight.

We offer a low-sensory environment upon request, ensuring that everyone who visits our clinic feels comfortable and supported. This allows Cherry to support her many Autistic patients and patients with ADHD and other health conditions.

Cherry is able to speak fluent Mandarin should her patients prefer, and she has a large number of the Chinese community in Brisbane as her patients.

Dietician Brisbane
Dietician Brisbane
Dietician Brisbane

Why Choose Brisbane Livewell Clinic?

Our clinic stands out for its holistic approach to health, experienced team, and commitment to providing practical, effective nutrition solutions that fit into your everyday life. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, manage chronic diseases, or improve your relationship with food, our expert Dietitian Brisbane is here to assist you.

Book now to gain the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about your nutrition and health.

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