Meet Michael McCloskey 

Kinesiologist at Brisbane Livewell Clinic

Michael McCloskey is a highly trained and experienced kinesiologist. He trained under one of Brisbane’s leading practitioners, Danny Liddell and has been dedicated to healing people ever since.

He is a certified expert in Neural Integration and control and has a special interest in treating children’s learning difficulties, chronic pain in the elderly and stress.

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In Michael's Experience...

Michael was drawn to the field of kinesiology over 20 years ago after experiencing first-hand its power for healing.

Michael's Approach

Michael's main focus and area of expertise are identifying and balancing neurological glitches within the gait system.

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How Michael approaches his patients

Michael describes his therapeutic relationship with his patients: “When we work with a patient, everything that they know, we know, at an unconscious level – and everything that I know they know – so their body tells me how to fix the problem.”

What is Michael McCloskey's Training?

  • Certificate IV Remedial Therapies (Kinesiology)
  • Certificate IV Basic Kinesiology Programme
  • Diploma in Kinesiology
  • Mentor Certificate Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd
  •  Instructor Certificate Neural Organisational Therapy The Academy of Applied Bio-Neurology Australasia

Who (and What) Does Michael McCloskey Treat?

Areas of speciality:

  • Pain relief and management
  • Neural Integration and Control
  • Learning difficulties in children
  • Chronic pain in the elderly
  • Stress Relief
  • Digestive dysfunctions
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    Treating Learning Difficulties

    Kinesiology works to address an over-active stress response system where the body is in a constant state of high alert. Children can be stuck in this state which decreases the ability for the brain to receive the signals it needs for optimal learning. Kinesiology switches off this unwanted energy pathway, inhibiting retained neo-natal reflexes and allowing for a calmer, more effective learning experience.  Michael has a keen interest in helping children with learning difficulties and his skills in this area are highly regarded by his peers.

    Kinesiology for Anxiety and Stress

    Kinesiology for anxiety and stress is a holistic way of treating these imbalances in your body that is gentle on your body and encourages natural healing.

    The treatment Kinesiology for Anxiety begins with gentle muscle monitoring conducted by an experienced Kinesiologist like Michael McCloskey. The nature of stresses the patient is suffering from, and the parts of the body they are affecting, are analysed.

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    Michael McCloskey Says...

    Bringing your children to see a Kinesiologist like me can be incredibly valuable, especially when they exhibit anxiety, learning difficulties, or behavioral issues. Kinesiology offers a holistic approach that aims to address the underlying causes of these challenges. By empowering children with practical techniques and insights, Kinesiologists can help them regain balance (in their body and mind), improve their well-being, and unlock their full potential.

    What Patients Think of Michael McCloskey...

    “The kinesiologist is amazing and the staff is very heplful. I recommend this place." 

    Kerry H.

    Life is better when your body is Pain Free and Balanced

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