Meet Rattana Chaisurayakan

MassageTherapist at Brisbane Livewell Clinic

Rattana Chaisurayakan known as Rainie performs all the massage techniques including Indian Head Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage! She does Pregnancy Massage, Dry Needling and Cupping as well.

Her goal is to assist clients in reaching their optimum health and wellbeing. She believes that we live our lives to our maximum potential when our mind, body and soul is nurtured.

Rattana Chaisurayakan. Massage Therapist

In Rainie's Experience...

She incorporates Thai Massage Techniques into all of her massages to better help her patients overcome their particular health challenges, and she is currently studying Kinesiology for the same reason.

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What is Rainie Chaisurayakan's Training?

  • Thai Traditional Medicine Degree
  • Thai massage certificates
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage in Australia

Who (and What) Does Rainie Chaisurayakan's


Rainie's massage therapy can also assist with:

  • General rest and relaxation
  • Improving quality sleep
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Maintaining a sense of calm and balance
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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

No matter what the cause may be, unwanted, long-term swelling can create a wide range of problems. Particularly if people are less mobile, or tend to spend a lot of time in one position (sitting, standing or lying), fluid can build up, creating discomfort, reducing range of movement and potentially limiting quality of life. Thankfully, in many cases, a lymphatic drainage massage can bring relief. 

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Take your relaxation, muscle loosening and pain relief to the next level

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