Key Takeaways

  • Paediatric Physiotherapy addresses the unique needs of growing children.
  • Brisbane Livewell Clinic offers customised consultations that are engaging for children and effective in supporting the reduction of pain and improvement of their movement.
  • Localised care in Wavell Heights gives you ease of access and consistent therapy around your weekly commitments.
  • Our Clinic’s success stories demonstrate the potential for significant improvements in physical health and development of your child.
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When your child faces physical challenges, whether from a developmental delay, injury, or chronic condition, finding the right support is paramount. Brisbane Livewell Clinic (Wavell Heights) offers Paediatric Physiotherapy that’s both accessible and affordable, particularly if you have an EPC from your GP. 

Local Paediatric Physiotherapy can significantly support your child's development - the tailored Physiotherapy services at Brisbane Livewell Clinic cater specifically to the unique needs of your child.

The Importance of Paediatric Physiotherapy

Children are not just small adults - their bodies are growing and they have specific developmental milestones to meet. This is where Paediatric Physiotherapy comes into play, a focus area of Physiotherapy that adapts techniques and therapies specifically for children.

Brisbane Livewell Clinic’s Paediatric Physiotherapist, Ciaran Caldwell, is an expert in supporting the healing and improved motion of kids and young adults. He uses a mix of play-based therapy and traditional Physiotherapy techniques to improve mobility, enhance strength, and facilitate development, supporting each child in reaching his or her full potential.

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Our Paediatric Physiotherapy Services

At Brisbane Livewell Clinic, we understand that every child is unique. That’s why our Paediatric Physiotherapy services are highly customised.

After a detailed assessment, our Physiotherapist will design a Wellness Plan that is tailored to the needs of your child, whether they have conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, developmental delays, sports injuries, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, hypermobility, autism and/or ADHD, broken arms or legs, back pain, scoliosis, headaches or other challenges.

Techniques used by our Physio include exercises to improve coordination and balance, strength training, manual therapy, and education on how to prevent future injuries.

Why Choose a Paediatric Physio Near Me?

Choosing a local Paediatric Physiotherapist offers numerous advantages:

  • Accessibility: Easy access to our Clinic in Wavell Heights reduces travel time and stress, making regular visits more feasible and less disruptive for you, your child and your family.
  • Consistency: Regular sessions with the same therapist enhance comfort and trust, crucial for effective Physiotherapy support.
  • Community Connection: Our Physiotherapists collaborate with local schools, sports clubs, and gyms, creating a supportive network that fosters better outcomes.
Silhouette of children running on hill in sunset. Local Paediatric Physio Near You in Wavell Heights.

Integrating Care with Other Services

Paediatric Physiotherapy is often most effective when integrated with other therapeutic services. At Brisbane Livewell Clinic, we are happy to coordinate with your occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and exercise physiologists to provide comprehensive care. And you are very welcome to see our Dietician, Nutritionist, Naturopaths and other practitioners depending on your child's needs.

This approach ensures that every aspect of your child’s wellbeing is addressed, from physical health to communication skills and overall nutrition.


Selecting the right Paediatric Physio near you can profoundly influence your child’s quality of life.

At Brisbane Livewell Clinic in Wavell Heights, our commitment to providing expert, compassionate care is unwavering. We invite families in Wavell Heights, Clayfield, Kedron, Chermside, Geebung, Virginia, Northgate, Nundah and Wooloowin and surrounding suburbs to discover the benefits of our tailored Paediatric Physiotherapy services and how they can support improved health and development for your children.

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FAQs about Paediatric Physio Near Me

1. What conditions do Paediatric Physiotherapists treat?

Our Paediatric Physiotherapist uses physio techniques to support developmental delays, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, structural and development issues, sports-related injuries, scoliosis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, rehabilitation of broken limbs, and many more.

2. What is the recommended frequency of visits for Paediatric Physiotherapy?

The frequency of visits varies based on your child's specific condition and Wellness Plan, established during the initial assessment.

3. Who can benefit from the Paediatric Physiotherapy services at Brisbane Livewell Clinic?

We support children from infancy through adolescence, tailoring our therapies to meet the specific needs of each age group.

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4. Is Paediatric Physiotherapy covered by Medicare in Australia?

If you obtain an EPC from your GP / Doctor, your child's Paediatric Physiotherapy session will be covered by Medicare (for the number of sessions set out in the EPC). Each person is entitled to 6 Allied Health sessions per calendar year, and this includes Physiotherapy.

5. Is Paediatric Physio covered by Private Health Insurance in Australia?

Many Private Health Insurance policies cover Physiotherapy (including Paediatric Physio). However, we recommend checking with your specific provider for details and any conditions that might apply (eg waiting periods).

6. How can I schedule an appointment for Paediatric Physiotherapy?

You can book an appointment through our website or by contacting our Wavell Heights Clinic directly on (07) 3861 5881.

7. What distinguishes Brisbane Livewell Clinic's approach to Paediatric Physiotherapy?

Our care for our patients and our willingness to work as part of a team with your child's other health providers, as well as our focus on creating a nurturing environment, are what set us apart. Book a consultation with Ciaran Caldwell now!

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