Meet Alana Inwood

Functional Breathing Practitioner at Brisbane Livewell Clinic

Alana was once told by a Naturopath that she wasn’t breathing correctly, this very comment led her to what she would now call is her biggest passion, the breath. Her breathing was upper chest and through the mouth which are two main areas she helps patients reset.

She uses science based breathing techniques, taking your breathing back to its innate form, before bad habits and modern-day stresses influenced your breathing patterns.

Alana Inwood - Functional Breathing Practitioner

In Alana's Experience...

Alana has experienced firsthand many of the issues she’s passionate about. She was once addicted to the adrenaline of corporate life and experienced the aftermath of not having the tools to recalibrate the nervous system which was ultimately driven by lack of understanding of how to ‘breathe right’. This led to an array of her own health issues such as anxiety, stress, brain fog and sleep related issues.

Alana's Approach

Alana uses techniques from the Oxygen Advantage program which have foundations from the Buteyko Method in all consultations.

We may have lived in our bodies for many years but, there’s still plenty we’re not aware of regarding how we functionally operate. Without the knowing, things don’t change, therefore, education and learning the tools to your inner toolbox are two key areas that Alana advocates to take the steps in moving forward to a more aware and healthier version of you.

Alana Inwood - Functional Breathing Practitioner

How Alana approaches her patients

You’ll learn a whole new world around how your body works, you’ll be left wondering how you’ve gone all these years not understanding basic fundamentals of how to assist the body to deliver more ‘fuel’ to help you literally feel more alive, less anxious, more alert and more calm.

What is Alana Inwood's Training?

Alana has trained with international breathing expert Patrick McKeown (International CEO of Buteyko International + Director of Oxygen Advantage). She and is an Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor, she has also completed ‘The Science of Breathing’ studies and is a qualified Yoga Instructor. She is also the owner of Breathscape.

What are Alana’s special interests?

Alana has a passion working with individuals that are living with;

  • Anxiety
  • Brain Fog / Lack of Concentration
  • Sleep Disorders (Insomnia, Snoring,
  • Breathing Disorders (i.e. COPD)
  • Panic Disorder
  • Stress
  • Exercise induced Asthma
  • Busy minds
Alana Inwood - Functional Breathing Practioner

What your consultation with Alana will be...

In your consult Alana will take a deep dive into your lifestyle, your main health concerns and how we can best integrate minor adjustments to shift habits that you may not even be aware of that could be attributing to more than just the presenting health issues at hand.

You’ll learn the basics of how we functionally operate, what happens to our internal gases when you’re not breathing correctly and learn new tools that with practice, can reset the breathing centre of the brain and take it back to the innate, natural, controlled breath that allows the gases in the body to work in harmony.

To learn more about Functional Breathing Retraining, read our article here.

Alana Inwood - Functional Breathing Practitioner

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