Meet Ingrid White 

The JoyBomb at Brisbane Livewell Clinic

Ingrid is a qualified Master Coach, Master Practitioner, Facilitator and Mentor with over 11 years of practice with clients in Australia and internationally. Ingrid works with people suffering from general mental health issues, trauma, emotional distress, relationship issues, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, fears & heartbreak.

Ingrid White - The JoyBomb

In Ingrid's Experience...

Her knowledge and support are insightful, inclusive and powerful. She has had first-hand experience with school and workplace bullying, sexual assault, police support and the judicial system, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, fears, guilt trip cycles, feelings of wrongness and the list goes on.

The issues she’s faced have become the foundation for which she draws strength, resilience and confidence from, having learnt to honour and respect herself through standing by what’s true to her. It is Ingrid’s great pleasure and privilege to support like minds to do the same!

Ingrid's Approach

Ingrid has a strong spiritual side and was born with highly developed intuitive senses. She is naturally clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. These senses enable her to support clients with their life & spiritual journey.

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How Ingrid approaches her patients

Ingrid’s calming energy and empathy allows adults and children alike to feel welcome, safe, respected and held so that they can talk openly, express themselves and heal.

What is Ingrid White's Training?

The qualifications Ingrid is trained in all aim to calm the nervous system, releasing the body and mind from carrying unnecessary emotional, physical, mental, energetic and spiritual attachments and pains to past events, people and traumas.

  • NLP Master Practitioner & Coach
  • Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner & Coach
  • Master Hypnotherapist & Access Conscious Bars Practitioner

Who (and What) Does Ingrid White Treat?

Ingrid has special interest in helping you in the areas of

  • Deep trauma release
  • Stress, Overwhelm and Anxiety
  • Emotional & Energetic Clearings
  • Creation of Empowering Beliefs
  • Values Realignment
  • Goal Setting and more
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What Patients Think of Ingrid White...

"Thank you so much!! I feel so absolutely amazing today!! I slept in, woke up dancing and completely reorganized my office! Completely shifted my physical space and I can feel my body, energy and soul in alignment. I'm so happy!! Thank you so much!! I'm going to print the beautiful document that you sent me and follow through with your instructions."


"I feel like a new woman!! Where do I begin? I have just worked with Ingrid and feel like a new woman! The journey we went on, uncovering old patterns of behaviour and emotion, the lies that I’ve told myself for many, many years and now so much has been stripped bare. And with that revelation comes truth! It’s MY truth. I am so glad that I gave myself this gift – at last, by making this booking with you. Ingrid, your calm voice leading and encouraging me to explore; your patience when I had to revisit events; your joy in what I was uncovering … it all helped create a wonderful experience for me, and I can’t thank you enough. The Joybomb indeed!

Nico D.

For the first time in years the anxiety monster is not a feature in my life! I’ve done therapy and I’ve been a therapist, but what Ingrid provides is next level. I cannot recommend her services and skill set enough. Her energy and passion are infectious. For the first time in years the anxiety monster is not a feature in my life. And the process was easy and now I feel light. Thank you for helping me, find me again."

Emma D.

Lets make the rest of your life the best of your life!

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