Dietician Queensland: Personalised Nutritional Care Wherever You Live

Queensland's vast landscapes and diverse communities deserve healthcare that's not just effective but also accessible. Brisbane Livewell Clinic is at the forefront of this mission, offering Dietician Queensland services that cater to the entire state.

With clinics located in Wavell Heights and Cannon Hill, Brisbane, we ensure that quality nutritional care is within reach. Our dedicated Dietician offers telehealth videoconferencing or telephone consultations, meaning you can receive comprehensive dietary assessments, personalised nutrition plans, management of dietary conditions, support with weight management, support with eating disorders, and a detailed understanding of your nutritional needs and how to meet them.

Did you know: "Dietetics" refers to the healthcare practice carried out by Dieticians

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Dietician Queensland Services For You

Integrating Dietician Queensland services into your healthcare routine opens the door to a world of personalised nutritional care that's grounded in scientific evidence and tailored to your unique lifestyle and health goals. Our Dieticians at Brisbane Livewell Clinic specialise in translating the complex science of nutrition into practical, everyday eating advice. From managing chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease through diet to optimising your nutritional intake for sports performance or general well-being, our team is equipped to guide you through the maze of dietary information and help you make informed choices about your food and health.

Understand our Dietetics (Dietician) Services

Moreover, our Dietician Queensland services extend beyond simply meal plans. We help you improve your relationship with food, understanding that eating is a deeply personal and sometimes emotional experience. Our Dieticians are trained to support you in developing a healthy relationship with food, one that promotes physical health without sacrificing the joy of eating.

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Whether you're navigating food intolerances, looking to improve gut health, or seeking to enhance your overall energy and vitality through diet, Brisbane Livewell Clinic's dieticians are your trusted partners in health, offering compassionate, comprehensive care tailored just for you.

Our Dietician Services: Bridging the Distance across Qld

Brisbane Livewell Clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive Dietician services to all Queenslanders, whether they're near our clinics in Brisbane or live in remote areas of the state. Our approach combines in-clinic excellence with convenient and accessible virtual consultations, ensuring everyone has access to our expert dieticians when they need them.

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In-Clinic Dietician Services

For those in Brisbane or planning a visit from South-East Queensland or around Australia, our clinics in Wavell Heights and Cannon Hill offer a warm welcome. Here, you can experience a range of Dietician Brisbane services tailored to your health needs, from detailed dietary assessments to the creation of personalised nutrition plans, all within the relaxing space of our clinics.

Online Consultations: Nutrition Expertise at Your Fingertips

Given the geographical challenges of our vast state, Brisbane Livewell Clinic offers online videoconference and telephone dietician consultations.

This means you can access our Dietician Queensland services from anywhere, ensuring your nutritional journey continues uninterrupted, regardless of your location.

How Our Dieticians Can Help You

Our Dietician team specialises in taking a holistic approach, focusing on supporting you with tailored dietary options and preventive care. Here are some of the ways we support your health and wellness:

  • Personalised Nutrition Plans: Developed to address your unique dietary concerns and goals, integrating lifestyle and dietary advice.
  • Management of Dietary Conditions: Offering strategies to manage symptoms and improve your quality of life through diet.
  • Weight Management: Customised plans to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight in a sustainable way.
  • Nutritional and Dietary Support: Tailored advice to nourish your body and support overall wellness, based on the latest nutritional science.
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Making Dietician Care Accessible

At Brisbane Livewell Clinic, we're committed to making our Dietician Queensland services as accessible as possible. Here's what you can do to consult with our dieticians:

  • Visit Our Clinics: Enjoy our full range of dietician services by visiting us at Wavell Heights or Cannon Hill. It’s a great opportunity to receive face-to-face care from our experts.
  • Online Consultations: Connect with our Dieticians from the comfort of your home. All you need is an internet connection for video calls or a phone line for telephone consultations.

Meet our Dietician in Brisbane, Queensland

Cherry practices at both our Wavell Heights and Cannon Hill Clinics and is available for online telehealth appointments.

Cherry Lam - Accredited Practicing Dietician - Brisbane Livewell Clinic. Dietician Queensland

Cherry Lam - Accredited Practising Dietician


Brisbane Livewell Clinic is your partner in health, offering Dietician Queensland services that are accessible, personalised, and holistic. Whether you prefer the personal interaction of in-clinic visits or the convenience of online video and phone consultations, we're here to support you on your journey to better health.

Let us bring our Dietician's care to you, wherever you are in Queensland.

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Last Updated on 30 March 2024 by Brisbane Livewell Clinic