What to expect when you see a Childrens Naturopath

Naturopathy can support infants, childrens' and teenagers' health to optimise their start to life and decrease any uncomfortable symptoms they may be struggling with. 

A Childrens Naturopath can work with you and your child to facilitate lifestyle, dietary and supplemental changes, and work with your child to achieve better long-term health.

Whatever your child’s needs might be, we work with you and your family to find practical strategies that promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle for all involved.

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Naturopathy for Children: What a Consultation looks like

Your initial consultation for your child with one of our qualified Naturopaths will go for approximately 1 hour. 

This consultation will review in depth your child’s life up until this point, including their birth details, eating habits, bowel motions and moods. Our Children's Naturopath may also ask questions about your own health, whether the child was breastfed as a baby, the types of foods they like/will eat now (eg starchy and sugary foods only), and so on.

This thorough questioning allows your practitioner to piece together the puzzle that is your child’s health based on their history, current symptoms as well as family history to formulate a plan that can get them feeling their best and thriving in the long-term as they grow.

What recommendations can be made?

Within your consultation, our Children's Naturopaths will provide education and advice surrounding particular concerns that have brought you in for the consultation. These recommendations range from dietary tweaks, foods that may be exacerbating their concerns, and foods to include more of, for nutritional benefits. 

Further, lifestyle recommendations dependent on the age of your child may be recommended.

If you child is old enough they are heavily involved in the consultation process by our welcoming practitioners to ensure they are comfortable, excited and willing to make the changes that are recommended and discussed. 

Our practitioners aim for achievable goals that are not going to leave you more confused. Instead, we want you leaving your consultation empowered and with all the information you were after, and more.

Do you give children supplements?

Dependent on your baby or child’s presenting concerns, our Naturopaths may recommend supplementation. This is entirely symptom dependent and will only be used for children if specific dietary changes are not achievable for the same purpose.

We want you having all your options and while dietary changes are the ultimate goal, we also understand that some kids are not so easily persuaded to eat certain foods that aren’t on their favourites list. 

This is likely to be particularly of concern if your child is diagnosed with ADHD and/or Autism - our Children's Naturopaths are experienced in working with you to make the necessary changes while still accommodating the specific needs of your child. 

Any supplements recommended by our Naturopaths are of a high quality, in liquid or powdered form for compliance in children and are generally subtly-flavoured to ensure they are not just another thing going in the bin after dinnertime. 

All nutrients, herbs and probiotics our Naturopaths prescribe have been clinically trialed to ensure they have noticeable and safe effects in infants and children for certain conditions,

Dietary advice can be tailored to relevant health conditions your child is living with. Setting goals and inspiring change can play a big role in how your child responds to the attention placed on their health, and coming up with a rewards system early on can often be a great motivating factor! We can help you come up with ideas for what works well to keep your child on track.

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Why should my child see a Naturopath?

Your Naturopath will help your child start their life off in the healthiest way possible.

Here are some of the particular concerns and symptoms our Naturopath’s work with often, and with amazing results. If you find your child starting to experience any of the below, we can help:

  • Recurrent colds and flu
  • Ongoing ear and throat infections
  • ADHD/Autism/ODD
  • Behavioural issues
  • Food allergies
  • Food intolerances
  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Stomach Aches
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Molloscum
  • Pain
  • Fussy eating
  • Constipation/Diarrhoea
  • Anxiety/Depression

How do I get my Child to take Supplements?

First, take a deep breath, it doesn’t need to be a battle - you just need to find what works with your child. Here are some suggestions from our Children's Naturopaths:

  • Smoothies, these work for any child 6 months upwards, blending dosages into smoothies for an undetectable taste is a great strategy.
  • Flavoured powders can be made into gummies (check heat tolerance with your practitioner, but a daily home-made gelatin based gummy will also have gut supportive benefits.
  • A lot of our powders are tasteless and can be stirred into yoghurt,
  • Oil based products can be poured onto a spoon and sprinkled with fun sprinkles.
  • If your child drinks small amounts of juice, add your supplements in here. Citrus based juices cut through the flavour the best!
  • Depending on their age, older children are curious and educating them on what they’re taking can be really powerful. Creating fun names for the supplements can get them excited. A 5 year old client thrives off his Vitamin C powder and with a love of spider-man has dubbed it his ‘Spiderman-C’ to make him stronger!

Our Naturopath can advise more at your initial consultation.

Any Other Questions

Please call our friendly Reception staff if you have any other questions. They will be happy to guide you on which of our wonderful Children's Naturopaths will be best for you and your child to consult with. 

Finding a Childrens Naturopath

Naturopathy for children - delivered by a Childrens Naturopath - aims to promote overall physical and mental development by utilising natural remedies and therapies. This approach supports the body's innate healing abilities and helps children grow and thrive in a holistic manner.

Benefits of Naturopathy

Naturopathic treatments offer numerous benefits for children, making it an appealing option for pediatric healthcare. Some parents prefer naturopathy over traditional medicine, opting to delay the introduction of medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen (The Health First Group).

  • Natural Remedies: Naturopathy uses herbs and plants that are safe and cause no harm to the human body.
  • Holistic Focus: Treatments consider the child's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state.
  • Personalised Care: Naturopathic appointments often involve detailed questioning about lifestyle, health history, and stress levels, along with lab tests to create a customised Wellness Plan.
Safe RemediesUses herbs and plants that are non-toxic
Holistic ApproachConsiders the child's overall well-being
Personalised TreatmentTailored health plans based on individual needs

For more on the benefits of naturopathy, visit our naturopathic clinic.

Focus on Holistic Development

A children's Naturopath views the patient holistically, considering all aspects of their well-being. This approach ensures comprehensive care that addresses both immediate and underlying health issues.

  • Physical Health: Naturopathy emphasises real food nutrition and functional lab testing to support the body's physical needs.
  • Mental and Emotional Health: By understanding the child's lifestyle and stress levels, Naturopaths can better address mental and emotional concerns.
  • Spiritual Well-being: Treatments may also consider the child's spiritual or religious state, fostering a more balanced and harmonious development.

Dr. Piper Gibson, a renowned children's Naturopath, specialises in a whole-body approach to address various health issues in children, including inflammation, spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, tics/Tourette’s, hormone imbalance, autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal problems, methylation deficiency, and genetic SNPs (Regenerating Health). Her personal journey into Naturopathy began when her son was diagnosed with a neurological transient tic, leading her to extensively research health and wellness to help him (Regenerating Health).

Learn more about holistic development through Naturopathy at our Naturopathic practitioner page.

By focusing on these holistic principles, Naturopathy provides a comprehensive and nurturing approach to children's health, helping them achieve optimal development and well-being. For more information on finding the best Naturopath near you, visit our detailed guide.

Naturopathic Approach for Children's Health

Childrens Naturopaths aims to provide holistic and comprehensive healthcare for children by focusing on the root causes of health issues. This approach promotes the natural healing process and strengthens the body's own defenses.

Natural Medicine

Strengthening the Immune System

Strengthening the immune system is a key component of Naturopathy. A robust immune system can help ward off infections and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Naturopathic treatments focus on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of illness, thus reducing the risk of recurrent infections (Cecilia Ho).

Immune-Boosting StrategiesDescription
Nutritional SupportEmphasises a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals.
Herbal RemediesUtilises liquid herbs known for their immune-boosting properties.
ProbioticsPromotes gut health, which is crucial for a strong immune system.
Lifestyle ModificationsEncourages healthy routines, including adequate sleep and physical activity.

For more about how Naturopathy can support your child's immune health, visit our Naturopathic clinic page.

Addressing Underlying Health Issues

Naturopathy aims to address the underlying health issues rather than just treating symptoms. This holistic approach can help restore optimal health and prevent future problems by treating imbalances or dysfunctions in the body (Cecilia Ho).

Common Health IssuesNaturopathic Approaches
AllergiesIdentifying triggers, dietary changes, and herbal remedies.
AsthmaBreathing exercises, nutritional support, and lifestyle changes.
EczemaIdentifying allergens, topical herbal treatments, and dietary adjustments.
AnxietyRelaxation techniques, mindfulness, and nutritional support.

For specific concerns, such as anxiety or behavioral issues, Naturopathy can recommend relaxation techniques like mindfulness or yoga, explore nutritional deficiencies, and develop tailored treatment plans that include appropriate supplementation and dietary adjustments. Learn more about how a Naturopath for anxiety can help.

Naturopathy is considered safe for younger children as it uses herbs and plants that cause no harm. It focuses entirely on the child and addresses their illnesses directly, making it an ideal option for pediatric medicine. For more information on finding the best care, visit our best Naturopath near me page.

Naturopathic Treatments for Common Childhood Ailments

Naturopathic treatments can be highly effective in addressing common childhood ailments. By focusing on natural remedies and holistic approaches, parents can provide their children with relief from various health issues without relying solely on traditional medicine.

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Allergies, Asthma, and Eczema

Naturopathic treatments for children can alleviate common ailments like allergies, asthma, and eczema by strengthening the immune system, identifying triggers, and developing personalised Wellness Plans. These plans often include dietary changes, herbal remedies, and lifestyle modifications (Cecilia Ho).

ConditionCommon TriggersNaturopathic Approaches
AllergiesPollen, Dust, FoodElimination Diets, Herbal Remedies
AsthmaSmoke, Allergens, ExerciseBreathing Exercises, Anti-Inflammatory Diet
EczemaFood Allergies, Stress, DetergentsMoisturising, Omega-3 Supplements

You can explore more about how a Naturopathic practitioner can help manage these conditions effectively.

Anxiety and Behavioral Concerns

Naturopathy for children also promotes emotional well-being by addressing anxiety or behavioral concerns. Naturopaths may recommend relaxation techniques like mindfulness or yoga, explore nutritional deficiencies, and develop tailored treatment plans that include appropriate supplementation and dietary adjustments.

ConcernPossible CausesNaturopathic Treatments
AnxietyStress, Nutritional DeficienciesMindfulness, Magnesium Supplements
Behavioral IssuesDiet, Sleep, Environmental FactorsDietary Adjustments, Sleep Hygiene

For more information on managing anxiety and behavioral concerns, visit our section on Naturopath for anxiety.

Naturopathic treatments provide a comprehensive approach to managing and alleviating various childhood ailments. By focusing on natural remedies and holistic methods, parents can ensure their children receive the care they need. Learn more about the benefits of Naturopathy at Brisbane Livewell Clinic.

For additional insights and advice, explore our related articles on Naturopathic anxiety medication and Naturopathic remedies for insomnia.

Hormonal Balance and Chronic Pain Management

Naturopathic approaches offer promising solutions for addressing hormonal imbalances and managing chronic pain without relying on conventional medications. These methods focus on natural treatments, allowing patients to achieve better health outcomes.

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Regulating Hormone Production

Naturopaths often use natural supplements, diets, herbs, and lifestyle changes to help regulate the normal release and production of hormones in the body. This approach is particularly beneficial for addressing hormonal imbalances in a natural way (Pillars of Wellness). By focusing on holistic methods, these practitioners aim to restore hormonal balance without the side effects associated with synthetic hormones.

Key methods used in Naturopathy to regulate hormone production include:

  • Diet Regimens: Specific food plans designed to support hormonal health.
  • Natural Supplements: Vitamins and minerals that promote hormone regulation.
  • Herbal Medicines: Plants and herbs known for their hormone-balancing properties.
  • Acupuncture: An ancient practice that can influence hormonal pathways.

For more information on how Naturopathy can assist with hormonal health, consider consulting a Naturopathic practitioner near you.

Non-Drug Treatment Alternatives

Chronic pain can be debilitating, and many patients seek alternatives to conventional pain medications, which can be addictive and come with numerous side effects. Naturopaths provide safe and efficient substitutes for managing chronic pain through non-drug treatment plans tailored to your lifestyle, nutrition, occupation, and leisure activities.

These non-drug treatments may include:

  • Diet Regimens: Nutritional plans that reduce inflammation and promote healing.
  • Natural Supplements: Pain-relief supplements like Omega-3 fatty acids and turmeric.
  • Botanical Medicines: Herbal remedies known for their analgesic properties.
  • Physical Therapies: Techniques such as massage, chiropractic care, and physical therapy.

Patients with conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) have shown significant improvement using these alternative treatments. Naturopathy reduces the need for drugs, offering options like physical therapy or herbal medication to relieve pain without the side effects of prolonged drug use (Pillars of Wellness).

Treatment TypeBenefitsCommon Applications
Diet RegimensReduces inflammationChronic pain, Hormonal Imbalances
Natural SupplementsPain relief, Hormone balanceCFS, Hormonal Health
Botanical MedicinesAnalgesic propertiesChronic pain, Hormone Regulation
Physical TherapiesEnhances mobility, Reduces painCFS, Chronic Pain

For personalised Wellness Plans for your children, consult our Naturopathic clinic. Understanding these options can help you make informed decisions about your health and find the best Naturopaths near you.

Naturopathy in Addressing Chronic Conditions

Naturopathy offers a holistic approach to managing chronic conditions that often elude traditional medical treatments. This section explores how a children's Naturopath can address Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and neurological and autoimmune disorders.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating condition characterised by extreme fatigue that doesn't improve with rest. Traditional treatments often rely on medication, which can lead to side effects and potential drug dependency. Naturopathic medicine provides alternative treatments, such as physical therapy and herbal medication, to relieve symptoms without adverse effects.

children's Naturopath can focus on strengthening the immune system, improving diet, and using natural supplements to enhance energy levels and overall well-being. The goal is to reduce the reliance on pharmaceuticals and promote natural healing.

Treatment MethodBenefit
Physical TherapyImproves muscle function and reduces pain
Herbal MedicationProvides natural relief from fatigue
Dietary ChangesEnhances energy levels and supports overall health

Neurological and Auto-Immune Disorders

Neurological and autoimmune disorders in children present unique challenges that can be effectively managed through naturopathy. Dr. Piper Gibson, a renowned children's Naturopath, specialises in addressing various health issues such as inflammation, spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, tics, Tourette’s, and hormonal imbalances. Her approach focuses on real food nutrition, functional lab testing, and genetics to help children achieve optimal health.

By utilising a whole-body approach, Dr. Gibson aims to identify and address the root causes of these disorders. Functional lab testing and genetic analysis help to pinpoint specific issues, allowing for personalised Wellness Plans. This method promotes natural healing and reduces the need for conventional medications, which often come with side effects.

DisorderNaturopathic Approach
ADD/ADHDFunctional lab testing and dietary changes
Tics/Tourette’sGenetic analysis and natural supplements
Auto-Immune ConditionsReal food nutrition and herbal medicine

Naturopathy also emphasises the importance of individualised health and wellness. By addressing underlying health issues and focusing on holistic development, a children's Naturopath can help your child thrive.

For more information on this holistic approach, visit our page on Naturopathic remedies for insomnia or connect with a Naturopath in Brisbane.

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