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Nurturing Wellness, Empowering You

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Holistic Health Solutions

Discover answers to your unique health issues that go beyond traditional medicine

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Empathetic Practitioner Support

Work with practitioners who understand your health struggles and offer genuine empathy and informed care and support

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Guidance on your Health Journey

Receive guidance from skilled professionals to help you advance your health journey

Whether you have an injury or medically-diagnosed condition you need support for, want relaxation, or need to improve your health and wellness - Brisbane Livewell Clinic has your back

Discover How Our Wellness Practitioners Can Help You


Our 6 Wellness Themes

Our Practitioners work across our 6 Wellness Themes to help women, men and children improve their heath.

Click each box below to learn more about how our Practitioners can work with you

Gut Health, Diet & Nutrition

Fertility, Pregnancy, Hormones & Menopause

Holistic Healing & Increasing your Wellness

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Emotions, Mental Health & Mindset

Testing, Functional Medicine & Understanding your DNA

Movement, Musculoskeletal Health & Injury Recovery

For example, when you see a Brisbane Livewell Clinic Naturopath, they will look into and focus on:

  • Your Gut Health, Diet and Nutrition
  • Fertility, Pregnancy, Hormones & Menopause
  • Holistic Healing & Increasing Your Wellness
  • Emotions, Mental Health & Mindset
  • Testing, Functional Medicine & Understanding Your DNA
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Welcome to Brisbane's Leading Allied Health, Naturopath & Wellness Centre

Since 1979, Brisbane Livewell Clinic has been the trusted name in holistic health and wellness, with locations in Wavell Heights and Cannon Hill, and support to our patients around Australia through our videoconferencing facilities. 

Our longstanding presence in the community underscores our commitment to enhancing our patients' health and wellbeing through natural therapies and integrative healthcare.

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Brisbane Livewell Clinic has transformed my health journey. The Naturopath I saw - all their Practitioners and staff actually - are so caring and they go above and beyond to help me improve my health. They've made a huge difference in my wellbeing.

Melanie T

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Took my wife here today to help with an issue that doctors cannot diagnose. My Naturopath was so thorough and she came out with hope, a plan and a way forward. I'm looking forward to seeing the results in the coming months for my wife and our family.

Cory Birtles-Eades

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Simply put - the best place for overall health! I’ve been meaning to write a review for a while now and finally after having a recent bulging disc flare up I can honestly say my Practitioners are the A TEAM! They are both are so knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make sure I leave feeling better than when I arrived. I literally wasn’t able to walk properly when I arrived and within 2 days I had proper mobility in my hips and lower back. I can’t thank this team enough! You can’t put a price on health but every cent spent here is worth it.

Kate Maslin

Our Philosophy

We believe in addressing the root causes of your health issues with Allied Health therapies and Natural Therapies. Our Practitioners bring their empathy, experience and skills to provide support to their patients that goes beyond just managing symptoms.

Our comprehensive Wellness Plans are designed to help you restore health, reclaim life, and rediscover wellness.

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Our Services

Our Brisbane Livewell Clinics, located in Wavell Heights and Cannon Hill, both offer a wide range of holistic health care & wellness services and natural therapy treatment options to address all your health issues and needs.

These include:

  • Naturopathy: Harnessing the healing power of nature, our Naturopaths work with you to restore your body's natural balance and health.
  • Dieticians: Transform your health with personalised dietary planning, guided by our skilled Dietitians.
  • Nutritionists: Tailored nutritional advice and diet plans to support your health goals, whether it's weight management, digestive health, or chronic disease management.
  • Acupuncture: A key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, our Acupuncture services aim to restore the flow of Qi (energy) in the body, promoting healing and relaxation.
  • Massage Therapy: From relieving stress and tension to promoting recovery from injuries, our Massage Therapists provide a range of techniques to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Physiotherapy: Offering evidence-based support for a range of physical conditions, our Physiotherapists help improve your mobility, strength, and overall physical wellbeing.
  • Functional Breathing: Learn how to reset your breathing with breathing techniques that cover the Biochemical (building CO2 tolerance), Biomechanical (diaphragmatic breathing over shallow breathing) and Psycho-Physical (the relationship between the mind and body).
  • Kinesiology: Utilising muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body, our Kinesiologists offer personalised treatments to improve health and performance.
  • Bowen Therapy A gentle and effective manual therapy, Bowen Therapy is designed to treat a wide range of conditions, promoting healing and pain relief.
  • Hypnotherapy and Mindset Therapy: Overcoming mental and emotional barriers, our therapists help you achieve a positive mindset, conquer challenges, and reach your full potential.
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Locations We Service

Here are the Locations we Service:

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Nurturing Wellness, Empowering You